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Kayci Delaney says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Michael Cross says: Restore TAFE funding now!!!
Geoffrey David says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Arthur Rorris says: STOP TAFE CUTS
Bradlie Dover says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Chantelle Yianakis says: The future seems bleak: education in creative fields will be for only those who can afford such luxury. The less fortunate will be forced into trades and those that are left will be on their own, building a larger homeless population, creating more crime and of course where to put criminals. Prisons, which would be creating jobs, but why not give every one a fighting chance to make something of themselves? TAFE is a vital step in the education and hands on experience needed in getting a job. It's saddening to hear that our government is not willing to put education on their main agenda, please tell me there's someone with at least half a brain to recognise the mistake, and fix it. I want to be in a country that I'm proud of, one that supports growth and innovation. What logical reasoning is there to take out such a vital pillar in Australian lives. Please stop the cuts, and bring back life into TAFE!! Face to Face Hands on Education, not a computer generated one- not all learn this way. I would rather have an education than fireworks for new-years to come. Get the priorities straight and stop deliberately running the system down and selling it off privately.
Elizabeth Hamilton says: TAFE needs more funding now!!! Too much money is wasted on universities. We need skilled trades people for the future.
Greg scott says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Emma says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Matt Casey says: An investment in education is an investment into our future. Lets give our kids some hope!
Tom Patton says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Kerry Trabinger says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Ian Hampson says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Arnold Greiner says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Graham Harvey says: Please restore TAFE funding so the comprehensive skills and theory training can be restored! No Australian Government would treat the University sector with the disregard show to TAFE. The Advanced Diploma in electronics I did in the early 70s has served me well and still serves me well in part-time techy work as I approach retirement. In the late 80s early 90s as co-owner of a small business I put a young man on as an apprentice who received good and effective training from TAFE in electronic trades by the time he completed. I regularly volunteer at my local TAFE in migrant English classes (which are well funded by Commonwealth policy). This enables me to see under used building and plant for trades training and to meet frustrated trades teachers.
Diana Boot says: Tafe is a valid and important step for many people. Often the poorer section of the community. By raising fees, fewer people can afford to go. By saying fewer people apply and cutting services we are cutting our trained employees creating a dumber workforce. It is poor economic rationale.
Gitanjali Dunbar says: So many kids NEED a TAFE education as the alternative just doesn't suit them. (My son was one of them.)
Bianca Dalgliesh says: TAFE gives all students knowledge and direction in life. STOP TAFE CUTS NOW!
lorna Grear says: Bring back funding for the Visual Arts!
Vanessa Arnison says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Edward Wagner says: Working at a Tutorial Centre and SSP we work closely alongside TAFE to provide RPL and various learning experiences for our students. The current program we are involved in is invaluable to us.
Rhonda Ebeling says: Completed my Diploma in Auslan at TAFE disappointing to see the hours of delivery for Cert 2-3 Auslan reduced to a level where quality is compromised
Oakes says: Australia needs TAFE
Heather Beebe says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Cassie stewart says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Jenelle Copeland says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Denis Dadisho says: Stop tafe cuts
Alexis Webb says: TAFE is essential to our community
Jarryd Mcallen says: Stop TAFE cuts now!
John Chambers says: Graduated Cert III in Electrotechnology in 1990, and been working the majority of that time. Not a bad investment.
Athena Withnall says: I deserve an education too
Susan Templeman says: With you all the way!
Julie-Anne Maguire says: Stop TAFE cuts!
Kylie says: Stop TAFE cuts!
Jodie Davis says: Funding of TAFE's nationally is imperative to ensuring good outcomes for both students and their employers, now or in the future.
M Edwards says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Robin Humphrey says: The dismantling of TAFE is stupid because it is denying young and older people of learning a trade and becoming useful and contributing members of our society. Stop and reverse previous cuts now.
Duncan McDonald says: Stop TAFE cuts and invest in TAFE for Australia’s future.
Daniel John Thomson says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Fletcher says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
B self says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Sandra Lawrence says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
H Yussuf Hassan says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Elliott says: Stop TAFE cuts
Paul Robson says: TAFE, too good to lose! Save TAFE from the neoliberals! Public not private!
Chery Gladman says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Greg says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Lorraine Withers says: Worked for years in Vic TAFE. Loved watching the students succeed. Now that doesn't happen anywhere near enough. Reinvigorate our world best TAFE system
Willie Mclean says: We need more young people going to tafe learning more trades and skills needed today.
BARRY (BARNEY) GARDNER says: Having done a trades course back in the 1970’s I know how important TAFE is!

Our TAFE manifesto is a blueprint which outlines a path to fixing Australia's TAFE system.

Here are some easy ways you can get involved and help the Stop TAFE Cuts campaign


Download a guarantee funding poster and ask your local MP to sign it. Take a photo and upload it to our gallery.

2. Be social!

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4. Take a photo

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New figures quantify the extent of the TAFE disaster

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