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Jim Stanford says: TAFE is the only institution capable of delivering the range of high-quality, reliable vocational education the future economy so desperately needs.
Bob Pearce says: It is my EXPERIENCE as a training purchaser that Private Training providers are about profit not training
Justin Galloway says: TAFE may need restructuring to get rid of some antiquated processes sure (like pruning a tree). However I feel TAFE is a VITAL part of the AU education process and does a great job of bridging the gap between education and the workforce. We would be doing a disservice to Australia to let this vital organization go and thus lowing the quality of our work force. Lets make sure if we are doing TAFE cuts we do them right and cut the rot while in the end hire more TAFE staff in certain areas that require it. TAFE is too important to Australia to let go.
Sue Mureau says: As Qld leader of the Australian Workers Party, I, & we, support guaranteed funding of TAFE
Ed Hunter says: TAFE is far too important for Australia as well as its students in making them skilled to fit into the workforce. More TAFE funding is essential, not less; stop TAFE cuts now!
Abbey Morris says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Mary Anne Holden says: TAFE is so important for many students - they gain so much knowledge from their studies which can take them on into the future!!!
SA Montford says: TAFE is a necessityn for our kids. Not all kids want or should go to university. We need highly qualified apprentices in the trades industries. We wont always be able to rely on the tradies of old and nobody will be able to count on quality trades for construction of our housing, mechanical work, etc. if its left to shonky private schools.
Nicole Soryal says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Lesley Ianna says: Make TAFE what it was meant to be. Secure ongoing funding is an essential for TAFE to be the platform for a skilled workforce and it helps guarantee both Australia's and our young workers' future. This is absolutely essential.
Ruth Mulenga says: Support further education in all avenues
Dylan Clements says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Rebecca says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Patrick Howland says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
patricia louise says: Stop TAFE cuts!!
James Lees says: Save TAFE SA
Tasha Morrissey says: stop tafe cuts
John Todd says: I believe Tafe SA funding shouldn't be cut because the work force needs to be kept update with the new skills required.
graham balestrin says: we will always need tradespeople. support TAFE
Chris Marley says: Support funding for TAFE
simone Loone says: Stop Tafe Cuts "MAKE GREAT AGAIN"
Sarah George says: Stop TAFE funding cuts to stop the skills shortage.
Greg Warren MP says: Save Tafe for all and a fairer NSW
Karen Hyland says: Put the funding back into TAFE
Wendy Hunyadi says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Mel lucad says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Sandra Karcher says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Garcia says: How can the government make cuts on one of the best institutions out there. Thanks to TAFE people like myself is being able to hold a job and climb the ladder. I do love TAFE and I do support TAFE. Instead of cutting founds, increase the budget. Stop the cuts
Zoe says: Now we cant even afford to get trained so we can get a job. No future for us then
Hayley Murphy says: SO sad that the opportunity to try something new or do something that you love might not be there anymore just because the government doesn't deem it 'important' enough
Lara Golding says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Zoe says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Katrina Hergstrom says: Secure ongoing funding for TAFE is an essential platform for a skilled workforce and helps guarantee both Australia's and young workers' future. This is absolutely essential.
Bernadette Warbrick says: I completely agree with this! My early childhood diploma cost $5000. Students are suffering with this costs. If the government doesn't intervene no one will be able to afford to study anymore and then no-one will be qualified.
sarah says: I'm soo disappointed with tafe and how they have cut vet-fee help. Its disgusting and horrible to everyone that wants an education.
Julie O'Connor says: TAFE was the preferred skill training organisation for secondary students who wanted to learn a trade. These skills are being lost as a result of the financial cuts to TAFE. It also makes education unaffordable for low income families.
Maryanne Stuart says: STOP the TAFE cuts!
Dale Newling says: We need Tafe to continue as an education solution that is local, relevant, affordable and available.
Robin Tanner says: I am so grateful for the excellent TAFE education that I have received. I have also been a witness to the lives that have been enriched and uplifted by TAFE programs.
Aiden Heath says: Cutting funding to an educational instiutution just to save money is self defeating. Funding education is extremely important as education and employment are intertwined. Why not cut military funding if a budget deficit is so important? Stop these B.S backwards cutts..
Kate Love says: stop tafe cuts!!
Barbara Cattunar says: Don't let the government de-value the arts as non-vocational courses. As the creative part of the brain is stimulated through art and music ALL vocations are benefited
noah says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
John Gavin says: Disgusting what this government and past have done to TAFE. They need to be stopped. Don't vote for clowns who want to destroy TAFE or other Australian educational institutions.
Bronwyn Willats says: How short sighted to destroy TAFE. So many people have built their careers on the foundation of their TAFE education. We can't let future generations miss out.
Barbara Wulff says: My son got his start at TAFE and I worked there too.
Bernii Allen says: TAFE makes people employable!
Lindsay says: TAFE is more important than UNI and any Private school - being a souce of practical skills to get people jobs & should be made free so it is open to the people who need it the most.
neli micunovic says: TAFE education is crucial to Australia's future and diversity of courses is important.
Jessica Robley says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
James Gifford says: TAFE is just as vital to our education system as Universities.
Quinn Inne says: Right brain people rule the world, we need arts to get out of the indoctrination and left brain thinking that got us in this egotistical position
Shaun says: #stopthetafecuts
Jody says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Wayne Egerton says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Niki Charalambous says: This is just cost cutting to then sell off the land because governments can't and won't manage education effectively. It's easier to throw up their hands and say it's too hard than do something to fix it!
Vikki Foord says: Im studying now to change careers, the ARTS has a significant contribution to society and the ROI higher than many other areas. TAFE is for all, TAFE is crucial.
Greta says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Brenna Tan says: Cutting tafe courses will not help the economy as the industry of trades is already diminishing. Students not having equal opportunity to pursue what they want to in life is unfair and elitist
Heather Loader says: Why is everything outsourced to private enterprise? The same problems occur over and over.
Jessica Richardson says: I don't believe that reducing legitimate, affordable, and accessible education to all citizens is a good move for the Australian government to take.
Tyson Hill says: Everyone deserves a good education beyond school and by cutting the benefits of TAFE, education beyond school would be very poor, especially for the ones who choose pathways into university!
QIN CHEN says: TAFE,we can't afford to lose it!No fund cutting pls!! For the benefit of the whole nation! Pls don't let privitization take over education.
Ella says: If we lose TAFE, it will be gone for ever.
Linda Lewis says: Stop the cuts to TAFE, it has help me in the past and I am doing a course at my local TAFE if it was not for TAFE I would have to leave my community and do it else where.
Susan Willoughby says: Tafe literally saved my life (as a working single mother) only doing volunteer work after my 2 sons were born. TAFE gave me the opportunity and self-esteem to follow my dreams to become a Welfare Officer and AOD Therapist. Whilst at TAFE F/T I aquiered a P/T job as Welfare Office at Private Hospital, once I finished my Courses, I was also offered the job as primary AOD Therapist. Over the years and continued experience, I became 2IC of the Hospital (apart from Clinical issues) as I am not a nurse. This was a dream come true and all because of what I achieved at TAFE. It was a great environment to work in and after leaving, I was also offered a job there as a Teacher. Unfortunately working F/T and raising 2 xls all children, I couldn't at the time. The Government need to offer this to men and women on the dole this opportunity. For many, this is the only way they will ever get into the workforce and gain the self confidence and respect to turn their lives around. More child minding centres at TAFE -providing more jobs. Out-sourcing these Training Courses is absolutely Outrageous and whoever decided this needs to get a better understanding of TAFE and what a valuable asset it is/was to the Community. Bring TAFE back and expand it as a PRIORITY -Happy to talk to anyone in regards to this. King Regards Susan
Thanh Nguyen says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Dominic Magerl says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Grace says: Lucky to work at TAFE, and every day is a delight. The professionalism of my colleagues, the student response. Proud to be part of a great education system. It'd be a tragedy to lose it.
Darcy says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Bassam Ashqar says: TAFE Privatisation goes back to 2008, when Kevin Rudd was the PM. Think how long and collaborative those politicians are in just playing roles around.
selim kurtuldu says: i am a tafe student we need more hours and days at tafe so i can learn more from teachers thank, stop reducing my tafe learning classes.
Judith wood says: My son has completed a Cert3 and is now going on to do a cert 4 at Regency TAFE. Without this facility and learning environment he would not been able to achieve this as Uni based study is not suited to his way of learning.
Phill Scott says: I trained in TAFE and now teach in TAFE. It is too good a resource for our community to lose. It must be retained.
alvaro valenzuela says: No more cuts!
Anna Coleman-Snow says: We need more TAFE and they need to be well funded. No more cuts!
Rhonda McGregor says: TAFE services, in rural areas in particular, should be expanded, not destroyed
cheryl obrien says: We all need TAFE to stay
Nerida Drake says: We must retain TAFE and not downgrade it. Look at the mess that Private VET Colleges have made in this area. We need more TAFEs not less.
Darcy Munro says: Save TAFE
peter colwell says: Every tradesperson and everyone who has ever employed a tradesperson. should be fighting these cuts. We should be championing TAFE not gutting it.
brenda seymour says: I'm appalled at the decimation of TAFE. TAFE is too good to lose.
Tricia Hart says: How many politicians have studied at or send their children to TAFE? I do not believe that they understand or value TAFE.
David Astorga says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Brendan aurie says: Don't kill off TAFE, you Dingoes!
Col Page says: I am fed up with these liberals cutting back on education and health just to spend the taxpayers money in Sydney
Hussain Al-Maliki says: TAFE cuts are going to be the first step on destroying the industrial foundation and contributing in weakning Australian economy.....Vocational and Technical Education is considered all over the world as one of great importance branch of any Education system....why it is targeted in Australia???? No positive answer....The negative side is to ignore the important role of the workforce contribution in the development and progress of Australian Nation.
Adria Jenkins says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Ken Callan says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Dennis Moroney says: This should not be happening! The destruction of TAFE IS DESTROYING OPPORTUNITIES FOR REGIONAL YOUTH! In a few years time, we will all be suffering a shortage of skilled trades people. Look at the corruption in the private "training" sector. DISGRACEFUL!!
Chris Newton says: TAFE gives middle australia it's trades, which keeps australia in jobs.
Michael Tran says: TAFEs are an essential part of what Australia offers in education and, that should remain available to and for students.
Janis Rietdyk says: Money pouring into disreputable private training providers with poor learning outcomes. TAFE is an essential professional provider of opportunity for all. It opens pathways to university education, it provides opportunities for the many, especially skilled trades and blue collar workers, women returning to the workforce and migrants wanting to build a better life. TAFE standards for learning are high and vetted very closely by licensing authorities. Get rid of the private leaches who see only opportunity for financial gain for themselves at the cost of real learning and development opportunities of a huge proportion of our population. Stop the cuts to TAFE.
Leonie dean says: Thank you for this! I gained a number of diplomas and my HSC through TAFE. Breaking down this World recognised Institute is another avenue our governments appear to be robbing our Youth of their Future!
christine whalan says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
Lisa Harrison says: Stop the TAFE cuts!
carolyn pearce says: TAFE is my life and gives live to my students.
Shadee selim says: I taught painting& drawing as a full time teacher for 30 years. TAFE is a big part of our Australian Identity. If we loose TAFE we'll suffer from Identity crisis. Our politicians 're short sighted and lack the knowledge and experience to govern this unique country. a lot of my ex students now working in teaching, art therapy, gallery management, education officers, photographers and artists.

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