May 8, 2019

Community doorknock reinforces public support for TAFE

A community doorknock event held in Frankston has emphasised the strength of public support that TAFE enjoys in the community.

This event was part of the national ‘Stop TAFE Cuts’ campaign, which is devoted to ensuring that Australia has a strong, public TAFE system at the heart of vocational education.

The event saw 175 campaign volunteers, including local residents, knocking on doors around the Frankston campus of Chisholm TAFE, informing residents of the importance of supporting their local TAFE campus when considering who to vote for in the federal election.

The event demonstrated the strength of support in Frankston for a strong public TAFE at the centre of our vocational educational system.

TAFE teachers and supporters are concerned about the Morrison Government's $3 billion of cuts to TAFE and vocational education in Australia in contrast to Labor's commitment to invest over $1 billion into TAFE and guarantee at least two thirds of all VET funding goes to TAFE.

Volunteers had hundreds of conversations with local residents who said that they will talk to neighbours and their community about the impact of the Morrison government's $3 billion in TAFE cuts.

The event showed that people in Frankston, like those in communities around Australia, are passionate about TAFE.

Voters know that the only way to guarantee that TAFE remains a strong provider of vocation education is to elect a government which puts public education first.