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Emma Cooper says: Stop TAFE cuts!
Lumsden says: Stop TAFE cuts now!!
B says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Kate says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Archie says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Bonnie says: #Stop The Cuts . Students rely on education, appropriate skill sets and More RPL assessors to gain a qualification. Taking this away from us is theft. Learn from the TAFE and educational mess we have here in WA. Been waiting for 5 years for an assessment for cert 4 and Diploma to find out there’s no assessors in this whole state.
Kitson says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
shawali masudi says: the teacher are the back bone of the future of our children. so let support them in any way we can.
Aisha A says: I agree promises should be kept. The government should honor the negotiated agreement that was bargained in good faith.
AJ Planas says: I totally agree the NSW government should honour the negotiated agreement that was bargained in good faith with TAFE TEACHERS
Claudia says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Jasmine Takchi says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Rhi C says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Tasha Holligita says: With current unemployment rate, we need TAFE more than ever. People need to develop their skills and knowledge. Stop TAFE cuts NOW!
Marie says: Bring back Taffe stronger than before.Our youth need this service for future tradesmen
Crawley says: Stop TAFE cuts and increase funding so that education remains accessible for all - Australians need our TAFE sector more than ever in 2020 and beyond.
Megan Bernard says: I have been studying courses at TAFE for years. Growing up in a dysfunctional and low-economic household, there is no way I could have afforded the current privatised costs. 've seen TAFE become dismantled slowly over the years. This is OUTRAGEOUS.
Julie duggin says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Pamela Collett says: Excellent Australia Institute webinar on TAFE yesterday. We need TAFE now more than ever. Thanks to the TAFE staff, students, teachers and supporters for all they do!
Rachel Collins says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Mary Maher says: strong TAFE = clever country for all
Andrew says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Alex Payne says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Natasha Sky says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Tony Milne says: Stop TAFE Cuts
brooke says: Stop TAFE Cuts!
Owen Clarke says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Correna Haythorpe says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Cathy Bevis says: We all need TAFE especially now!
Colin Peile says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Joanne Martin says: Without Tafe I would not have the qualifications I have now. Its the way forward for so many. STOP THE TAFE CUTS NOW
Lorraine Grant says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Flanigan says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Anne Cady says: I taught at tafe for many years. All had to have Dip Eds and degrees. Now a Cerfificate Only is required. Because I only have a degree and a Dip. Ed. and many years teaching experience I would not be considered for any part time employment. I say part -time because full timers are a rare commodity these days! I have witnessed the devaluing and defunding of this trusted educational institution over the last three decades. It is a travesty and a blow to the competent training of our students.
Paige Vrantsis says: I am about to start a government founded course, if this is cut..... I can’t afford it!!!
Daniel Mortensen says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Nick Haughain says: TAFE is so important to making sure that Australian workers have the skills for Australian jobs.
Rosalind Walker says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Lisa Henry says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Marilyn Graham says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Nicole Dela Cruz says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
John Stericker says: TAFE is a critical and integral part of our community to ensure sufficient education and contribution to society as a whole. Education should be free for all, not a privilege for those who can afford it, but a right for everyone regardless of income or wealth.
MISS TRAN TRUONG says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Julie Curtis says: No! to privatisation of TAFE !
Katrina says: Tafe is a necessity, tafe provides all people access to education.
Natalie Piper says: I fully support the Stop tafe cuts campaign
Robert says: Get a refund from ScotCam
Julie Bidwell says: Stop TAFE Cuts Now!
Janine Gebert says: As an educator I find cuts to any sector of education and training deplorable and damaging to the entire country, now and in the future!
Tim Parkes says: The LNP and Morrison have destroyed the world class TAFE system for political gain. They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. TAFE is a National Treasure.

Our TAFE manifesto is a blueprint which outlines a path to fixing Australia's TAFE system.

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